Poor dog, Jerry, in LA only has until Sunday to be adopted or he will be euthanized

Just look at that beautiful and kind face. Does that look like a face that deserves to be euthanized?

Poor Jerry is scheduled to be euthanized this Sunday if someone doesn’t step up to foster and adopt him. I know he’s far away but maybe this story will reach someone who can help!

He’s currently at Baldwin Park Shelter in LA.  Jon Mancinetti, a filmmaker who made a movie “Loss and Found” which promotes the importance of fostering and rescuing dogs and debuted it in Buffalo, says Jerry is so calm and affectionate. His shelter notes say he’s good with people and other dogs with proper instructions. His shelter number is #A5203748 and more information about the shelter his is at can be found here: www.facebook.com/BaldwinParkShelter/. Please help save Jerry!

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