Sweet Buffalo Kid of the Month: Meet Isabella

We think kids who inspire us deserve to be recognized, which is why Isabella Rose of North Tonawanda is our Sweet Buffalo Kid of the Month!

Isabella is only 6 years old and yet she’s shown more strength and bravery than most adults. A second grader at Ohio Elementary, she’s been dealing with complications from an undiagnosed lymph node infection for the last ten months. She had an abscess on her jaw removed and it has come back twice. Her third surgery in six months is this Monday and her family is hoping this is the end of it.

Through multiple specialists’ visits, averaging one a week since March, ER visits, operations, medications, etc., Isabella has stayed happy, positive and brave. Her mom, Tracy Rose, says her daughter channels her idol, “Wonder Woman,” to help get her through.

“She just started gymnastics to be more like Wonder Woman and she has to miss her second week for this procedure on Monday,” she said. “Instead of being scared or worried about the surgery, she’s just angry it’s interfering with her class! She’s so resilient. After her second surgery, she wanted to go to her Girl Scout meeting that night. This kid is tough! I’m a wreck some nights worrying about her, but she’s always strong and she keeps me, and her father and sister, strong for her.”

We are so proud of you, Isabella, and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers! Stay tough, Wonder Woman!

If you would like to nominate a Sweet Buffalo Kid of the Month, email us at sweetbuffalo716@aol.com and tell us why your kid is so special!

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