Video of 100-car pileup in Buffalo receives 1 million views

Cell phone footage of the 100-car pileup on the Thruway in Buffalo this week has gone viral and not just a little viral – it’s received 1 million views on Facebook!

The video was taken by Kadire Flowers of Syracuse who was a passenger in a vehicle his mom was driving. He couldn’t get over how many cars he was seeing in the pileup and says so in the video.

“They’re all stuck! Look at that! This is freakin’ bonkers,” he said.

The video was used nationally on shows like Good Morning America. Flowers said he’s never seen anything like that car pileup before and took the video to share with his family and friends. He had no idea it would go viral.

“One million views. That’s crazy,” he said in a Facebook post.

View the video here:

Huge car pile up in buffalo😮😮😮😮😮

Posted by Kadire Flowers on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

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