Woman gets over divorce with a little help from her friends

Divorces are tough. When that day finally comes and everything is finalized it really starts to sink in. Life as you know it has changed forever and that can be hard to deal with – except when you have amazing friends.

Nicole Niesner of Canada didn’t know how she would spend her day after receiving a letter in the mail letting her know her divorce was finalized on Dec. 16. Knowing she could either sit home and sulk by herself or take the high road, she decided she wanted to celebrate.

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“I mentioned wanting to have a ‘Divorce Party’ to a friend. She immediately jumped on board and started planning. My only job was to be at my house at 6:30 p.m. when my friends started to arrive with food, wine, gifts, and their wedding dresses.”

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The lifetime friends had a blast reminiscing in their wedding dresses, taking Niesner’s mind off the divorce. The party was meant to lift her spirits up and it certainly did.

MissYianna Photography

“They wanted me to know that I am loved by many and that I’m going to be OK. This is what friendship is all about – supporting each other through the good and the bad.”

MissYianna Photography

We think everyone deserves a divorce party. Great job on showing us the true meaning of friendship, ladies.

Thanks to Love What Matters for sharing the story:  www.lovewhatmatters.com/women-celebrate-friends-divorce-with-epic-divorce-party-wearing-old-wedding-dresses/ 

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