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After North Buffalo family tragically loses loved one, their home burns down – how the community can help

A North Buffalo family has lost everything in just a matter of weeks. How you can help them after tragedy and a fire.

A North Buffalo family has been through several traumatic events lately. They recently lost a son and brother, Hunter Giordano, who they had to pull from life support and then just weeks later, the family woke up to see that their home on North Park Avenue was on fire.

Everyone made it out safe, but sadly all of their belongings were destroyed including their most meaningful possessions that belonged to Hunter.

“Last night I was sitting at my house pouting because student loans were taking my taxes. A few hours later I woke up to a phone call saying my aunt’s house went up in flames and they lost everything. And when my mom went to go over there, she slipped on ice and ended up in ECMC. It was a huge eye opener to not sweat the small stuff. Money means nothing when it comes to safety of your loves ones,” said Brittany Anderson.

The family’s roommate, Keante Rodriguez, also lost all of his possessions in the fire. He was just setting up a nursery for his baby girl who is due in August.

The families could use clothes, gas gift cards, food gift cards, dog food, soap, blankets, clothes, and deodorant. All they have is the clothes on their backs.

Their sizes are below:

Mom, Lisa Elibol – 3 XL tops and jackets

Brother, Noah – 6ft’4 4 XL 53 to 54″ waist size 14 shoe, 4x pants

Roomate, Keante – Large shirts, size 10 shoes, 36-34 pants

Unborn baby – 0 to 3 months clothes

They also have six dogs.

Jillian Serena and Brittany Anderson  will collect donations, you may message them here:

. You may also donate here:

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