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An exclusive look into Painting with a Twist

I first experienced Painting with a Twist last year when the owners offered to help me raise money for a local nonprofit at their new West Seneca location. I had never experienced a paint night out before and I was blown away by how much fun it was!

I first experienced Painting with a Twist last year when the owners offered to help me raise money for a local nonprofit at their new West Seneca location. I had never experienced a paint night out before and I was blown away by how much fun it was! Wine in hand, I was able to relax and paint my worries away. The owners were so kind to me that I thought it would be nice to find out a little more about them and why they started this business in the first place. Here’s their story from Christie Grupka, manager at Painting with a Twist.

Who are the owners of Painting with a Twist?

Lisa Scibetta and Mary Grupka.

Why did they want to start this type of business? It’s pretty unique and has been such a success?

After decades of experience in the corporate world, I think both of these impressive women were looking for something they could have fun with, a job that wasn’t full of the usual dynamics. They were looking to control their own destiny while creating a happy and healthy place for everyone who walked through the doors, and Painting with a Twist seemed to be the right fit.

Face in the holes!

What do you think people love about going out for a night of painting?

I think it is a unique fun way to spend a couple of hours. More importantly, it is an escape from the everyday stresses of life. For two hours, guests get to unwind and create something. For some it falls somewhere in the category of art therapy, for others its an excuse to share a bottle of wine and some laughs with friends, but whatever the reason being, we would like to think our studio gives a dose of happy to all who come visit.

Do you have to be a good painter to enjoy Painting with a Twist?

Absolutely not! In fact, the majority of our guests come in with little to no painting experience, and I think that’s what makes the outcome so beautiful. Guests come in with so many doubts to what their painting will come to be and leave saying “I can’t believe I did that!” I never get tired of witnessing that progression.


What do you think Painting with a Twist offers that other businesses don’t?

Painting with a Twist is a business that puts people first. We really care about everyone who walks in our doors. The question asked by everyone on Team Buffalo the most is some version of “is everyone happy?” We do our best to bring the fun and it seems as if the success has followed. Plus the wine part of the twist does help a little!

Name a few occasions that Painting with a Twist would be the perfect way to celebrate.

Birthdays, bachelorettes, team building or work functions, girls night out, or my personal favorite, just because!

Bella's Fundraiser

Painting with a Twist loves to give back to the community every month. Talk about that.

At every level of this business, the give back element is very important, and any opportunity where we can help, we really try to. Our biggest give back events happen once a month where we hold what is called a Painting with a Purpose event for a 501C3 non-profit organization. This is where an open class becomes a big fundraising event and at least 50% of what is made that evening goes right back to whatever organization we are partnering with. The coolest part is that this is a corporate mandated event, so this happens once a month at almost 300 studios nationwide! It feels pretty wonderful to be a part of a for-profit company that cares so very much about giving back.

In addition PWAT – Buffalo has been proud to support local organizations through basket donations, to include gift certificates, for fundraising events held in support of various causes. Also, we recently have developed a put the “Fun in FUNdraising” program, which offers a new fundraising option for youth educational programs, church groups or dance or sports teams.

Through our efforts in 2016, we have given over $35,000 to benefit local organizations. This is probably our favorite thing to be able to do as a small business in your community!

What do Lisa and Mary think it takes to be a successful female entrepreneur?

I think confidence is key. I’m not even sure the thought of being women crossed their minds. Lisa and Mary knew they could take this on and worked incredibly hard to make it a success. They trusted one another and believed in the franchise. In addition, both these woman have had leadership roles in past careers and took those years of experience to this new endeavor. They also ensured that everyone on our staff understood what it meant to be a part of a team. So I think once the startup phase was successful, that kind of team oriented culture helped continue that success. PWAT Buffalo has a team of over twenty women, and I can say with sincerity each and every one of us gets along. Mary and Lisa have set the example that it’s really about respecting and appreciating what everyone brings to the table.

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