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Buffalo mom saves her babies from house fire, now we need to help her

A local mother is in need of the community’s support after she saved the lives of her babies when their house went up in flames. Nina Bellinger is mom to Caydoe and Zarr. The following story was shared on GoFundMe.

“Nina snatched up her darling little Caydoe, barely past his first birthday, and just starting to walk. He had reached his tiny little hand through the fire grabbing for his dear Mommy. His hysterical sister, Zarr, was totally overwhelmed as any 5-year-old would be under such horrendous circumstances. But their rescuer, Mom, armed with motherly love, maternal instinct and adrenaline-fueled determination, risked her life to save her traumatized children. Their upper level apartment caught fire one eerie evening creating for them a new type of nightmare.

Nina was burned, horribly so, after she lunged through the flames. Her kids were wailing in pain, the tops of their heads smoldering, their little arms and hands blistering. Nina didn’t realize the extent of her own injuries to her arms, hands, face and back as she struggled to open their front door, the only exit that barricaded them from safety. It finally unbolted, allowing them to breath, then bang on another door in their plea for help. And help came in the form of caring neighbors, distraught but loving family and dedicated emergnecy and medical personnel.

The little family of four lost everything except cherished memories of an apartment that was a happy home before nearly becoming their tomb. We cannot touch Nina physically. Her injuries are far too severe. But we can connect with her through our out stretched hands and tear streaked faces, generating all our love and concern. Medical expenses are mounting as are our worries about an uncertain future. Nina lays in agony, praying for the new day and the new skin that comes after the awful pain fades.”

Nina’s mom is now asking the community to help her daughter and family as their struggle to rebuild their life that’s been reduced to ashes. If you’d like to make a donation, you may do so here:

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