Buffalo police officers came to visit Sebastian at his house tonight!

How sweet is this? Buffalo police officers stopped by our friend Sebastian’s house tonight and his mom said they have a wonderful visit!

For those who don’t know, Sebastian has terminal brain cancer and yet he stills keeps a smile on his face every single day. His family, friends, and even strangers in the community try to find different ways to cheer him up and I think it’s safe to say these officers did a great job! Take a look at these amazing photos! They even gave Sebastian his own police uniform to wear with his name on it, a badge, and a graduation coin!

Sebastian’s mom, Eli, said her friend Candance from work is engaged to a police officer and they wanted to do something special for Sebastian.

“My baby feels so special because he always has a lot of respect and gratitude to the every day heroes so this meant a lot! And he loved playing with the sirens,” said Eli.

The Buffalo Police Department also donated presents. This story makes our heart so happy. ❤️

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