Buffalo streaker rescues cat stuck in tree for more than a week

They say heroes don’t wear capes and in the case of a local man who rescued a cat from a tree today, sometimes they wear nothing at all.

Tristan Lambright, the man who is famously known for taking the naked run of his life on New Era Field during the Bills game, decided to save a cat from a tree today just because.

“I noticed a post on my Facebook feed, these people had a cat stuck up in a tree for over a week and no one has helped them. The fire department and the city didn’t help, and I think tree service people were asking for $100 to $400 to get the cat down. I have been apprenticing to be an arborist so I am already comfortable with climbing trees and I like helping people.”

So Tristan climbed the tallest tree you’d ever seen in Lackawanna in freezing temperatures today to get this cat down.

“The cat was up there through rain and snow. If no one helped, that poor cat may have died up there or fallen down and died,” said Lambright.

Tammy Hanna, whose son’s girlfriend’s cat, Alice, was the one who got stuck, said she couldn’t be more grateful for Lambright’s incredible gesture today.

“He was our angel today as Alice had been in the tree for nine days and probably couldn’t have survived much longer. Much love to Tristan for representing the City of Good Neighbors,” she said.

Now we know not only does the Buffalo Streaker run, he also climbs. Great job, Tristan!

Posted by Tammy Hanna on Tuesday, March 6, 2018

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