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Cheektowaga couple eager to adopt a baby: ‘It would mean the world to add a child to our family’

A local couple wishes nothing more in the world than to adopt a baby, but sometimes the things we want the most don't come so easy.

A local couple wishes nothing more in the world than to adopt a baby, but sometimes the things we want the most don’t come so easy.

Brandon Schulz-Koller and husband, Rob, of Cheektowaga, have been together for seven years and married for two. Since they started dating they both knew they wanted to have a large family.

“We both grew up in very large, loving homes and we want to give that life to our own child,” Brandon.

So when the time was right, the couple started the adoption process, but what they didn’t know was how much it would break the bank.

“We knew it would be a bit of a process, but never realized how expensive it was to adopt,” said Brandon.

Adoptions come in at a whopping $30,000 and there’s no guarantee that the adoption will go through.

“We have talked to a number of couples, some who it took three to four months, others it took years and they paid the fees many times over because they had some filed adoptions where the mother wanted to keep the child,” said Brandon.

But while the financial side of adoption is large, it was well worth it to the couple. However, a very large unexpected bill hit them recently and depleted their adoption savings. They now have to start from scratch and while they could take out loans, they would never want to put themselves in a situation where they had the stress of repaying a large debt before bringing a child home. So the couple decided to start a GoFundMe page to share their story in the hopes of gaining community support.

“We want to give a child an amazing life and an amazing family. The ability to show a child how beautiful the world can be when one is surrounded by loving family,” said Brandon.

The Schultz-Kollers have three beautiful dogs and a large extended family who are very active in the couple’s life.

“Our whole world and our family’s would be focused on giving our child the best,” said Brandon.

If you would like to help make this couple’s dream come true, visit

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