City of Good Neighbors helps give dog with terminal cancer best day ever!

Hannah Tyrrell of Hamburg received devastating news recently. Her family’s beloved 7-year-old Great Dane, Adonis, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer with a very short outlook.

When you find out your four-legged family member is diagnosed with a terminal illness it can be hard to process, so Tyrell decided to compile a doggy bucket list for her best friend. She asked the City of Good Neighbors for help and they came together in full force!

Jenah Schwabel, a photographer with Still Stories Photography, donated her time to take memorable photos of the big day and they do not dissapoint!

The first adventure consisted of chicken tacos donated by Lloyd Taco Factory. Adonis received so much love from staff.

Next up was shopping at PetSmart for toys! He picked out some good ones!

All that shopping made Adonis hungry again, so he enjoyed an amazing cheeseburger donated by Thin Man Brewery.

Then it was time for another cheeseburger from Burger King because why not?

Now it was time to relax. Adonis received a good scrub and pamper session at The Laundromutt from his favorite human, Thad.

All in all, Adonis had the best day ever. His mom is also planning a celebration for him, so his favorite friends can come over and give him lots of hugs and loves.

Perhaps instead of spending your remaining time with your companion in a state of grief, you can make their remaining days as wonderful and comfortable as possible. That’s what this family did.

Thank you to Still Stories Photography! Share this story if you believe every dog deserves the best day ever! ❤️

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