Dear random woman at Aldi’s, thank you. You made my daughter’s night, possible week

A North Tonawanda mom shared a heartfelt thank you to a special woman who made her child’s evening and we had to share her story with you. What may seem like a small gesture to some meant the world to her little girl.

“Dear random woman at Aldi’s,

Thank you. You just made my kid’s night, possibly week. She asked me for these flowers as I was shopping, all stuck inside my own brain thinking of what we needed, barely paying attention. I said, ‘Oh those are pretty, now please put them back.’ She had been asking me for Vday stuff all through the store, but I kept telling her later when we have money (which is never), not realizing she wanted to give it to me, her mom, for Valentine’s Day. My kid has the best heart.

Back to the random lady who saw this and when she cashed out bought Khloe the flowers and told her to have a great night. With tears in her eyes, she said ‘Oh, thank you, thank you’ and came to me and said, ‘These I wanted for you, that sweet stranger bought them’ and pointed to the random lady. My kid has seen many a heartache in her life, things that break you, things a child should never have to deal with, and the reason she wanted to do something for her mom for Valentine’s Day was because someone else no longer canYou showed her genuine kindness, and I have no words to explain my gratefulness. Thank you random Aldi’s lady, I hope you see this and know you touched a child’s soul today.”

Keri Solinski 



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