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Dog found tied to tree in Niagara Falls reunited with original foster thanks to microchip and people who care

A rescue story of all stories. Do you remember the poor dog who was tied to a tree near the train tracks in Niagara Falls? Well her name is Skittles and she's had a very rough life. Eight years ago she was a death row dog in New York City who was rescued and adopted, so how did she end up here?

Do you remember the story of the poor dog tied up to the tree near the train tracks in Niagara Falls this week? It was a terrible discovery, but thanks to kids who cared to call the authorities to help the dog, she was rescued and taken in by the Niagara County SPCA. But, there’s an even bigger story.

This dog had a microchip, bringing her back to her original rescue all the way in New Jersey. This dog’s name was Skittles and she was pulled from death row in New York City in 2010 and taken by a rescue called Lifelong Friends. The woman who formerly ran the rescue was called after the microchip led rescuers to her and she shared Skittles’ story. Skittles was only 11 months old at the time she was taken in by the rescue and ended up being adopted to a home in Pennsylvania.

Eight years have passed, and now Skittles was found abandoned in Niagara Falls, tied to a tree next to railroad tracks. How does that even happen? It is presumed that poor Skittles has probably had several owners in her lifetime.

Well thanks to people who cared to make sure Skittles’ life is better from here on out, the woman who fostered Skittles eight years ago has decided to foster her again until a forever home is found. Beth Henderson and Mary Henderson Goris picked up Skittles today from the Niagara SPCA to offer a temporary home until Skittles can make her way to her original foster in Pennsylvania. Skittles couldn’t be happier.

Rescue communities in four different states came together to help one dog. How amazing is that? To donate to help Skittles, visit

Thank you to Robin Bell, a local dog rescuer in WNY, for the story.

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