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Exposure Concert to raise awareness of domestic violence

Those who have recently met Suzanne Suchan, TV host of "You Can With Suzanne," probably see an outgoing, strong, independent woman who is making her dreams come true. While all of this is accurate, they may not believe that at one point, Suchan wasn't always this strong.

Those who have recently met Suzanne Suchan, TV host of “You Can With Suzanne,” probably see an outgoing, strong, independent woman who is making her dreams come true. While all of this is accurate, they may not believe that at one point, Suchan wasn’t always this strong.

Suchan was the victim of domestic violence for 22 years. She was married to an abusive man who sheltered her and made her feel worthless. She put up with the beatings and mental abuse until one day her daughter gave her an ultimatum. Suchan would either have to leave her husband or her daughter would run away.

That was the final push Suchan needed to say enough is enough.

Now the entrepreneur and jack of all trades is making sure other victims of domestic violence don’t feel alone. She is hosting the eighth annual Exposure Concert June 23 – 25 at The Cove Seafood & Banquets in Depew to raise awareness and funds for domestic violence victims. The free concert, which features 44 bands throughout the weekend, coincides with Suchan’s nonprofit, Love Shouldn’t Hurt Inc.

“2016 was the first time I opened up a private office to talk to people who were seeking help in some form or fashion. The fact is people are turned away from agencies that are in place to serve this population. Those who fall through the cracks of what qualifies you to receive help, come to me. The numbers were staggering,” she said.

Since most domestic violence victims have to escape their abusive situation with only the clothes on their backs, the Exposure Concert raises funds for transitional housing; resources; clothes; legal advocates; storage for donations; ability to sanitize donations; child care needs like diapers; pillows and blankets; silverware; dishes, dressers; and basic furniture.

The only downfall is Suchan says she cannot fill this need immediately because she and other volunteers don’t have a facility.

“We would love to secure one of the closed down schools and put it to use,” she said.

If enough funds were raised, Suchan says she would start the Hidden Treasure Center, a resource house where all referrals are fully vetted. It would have a thrift store where donations are kept and cared for.

“When someone is in need, we can give them what they need for a new start,” said Suchan. “Someone called me the other day for help with shelter. It ripped my heart out because I don’t have a place to house people. It has to change and I will create and build that change.”

The other major portion of Suchan’s efforts is to rebuild self-esteem, confidence, and identity.

“Most of that is for the fallout. We can prevent them from turning to the streets and homelessness,” she said.

Suchan teaches workshops to help people understand healthy boundaries and learn how to “love themselves, be themselves, and be proud.” She says this prevents people from falling into the arms of a potential abuser.

“I want to encourage hope, as I stand on a stage with a smile. You can live again, you can become anything you want to be, you do not have to live under someone else’s control. Step into yourself and love that person.”

To donate an item, or for more information on Love Shouldn’t Hurt Inc., contact Suchan at You may also see the full schedule of events at the Exposure Concert by visiting 



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