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Help Western New Yorker win Weather Channel photo contest

A Western New York photographer is in the running to win a national photo contest and you can help him win!

A Western New York photographer is in the running to win a national photo contest and you can help him win!

Dave Niedbala II of Hamburg submitted his photo of the Lake Erie Super Cell to The Weather Channel and he is very close to winning, but he needs our help! He’s currently in second place with more than 8,000 votes. If you would like to vote for him it’s as simple as clicking “vote.” Here is the 24-hour link: Voting ends Sept. 1.

Here Dave tells us more about the contest and what it would mean to him to win.

What inspired you to go for the contest?

I love weather. I grew up watching The Weather Channel more than cartoons. To this day, at the age of 29, weather still moves me and keeps me amazed. I want to show the side of weather that no one ever sees. When the weather is at its worst, you will find me and my camera somewhere along the edge of the lake capturing moments that are never seen.

How long have you been a photographer?

I have been shooting since 2014. I learned everything from watching YouTube videos and a hands on approach. I felt I picked it all up so fast because I was motivated by a YouTuber, “DevinSupertramp,” and how he changed his life with a camera. I want to do the same for my life.

What does the WNY community need to do to help you win?

Anyone with a Facebook account can help by voting for my image once every 24 hours, then share the link to their Facebook feed to get others to vote as well. I also hope that more people discover my photography and maybe purchase a print. One day, I wish to turn this passion into a career.

What does this photo mean to you?

This photo is more personal to me because I was next to my father and it brought back memories of when he would bring 10-year old me down to the edge of the lake to watch the storms come rolling in.

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