Lockport family whose dog was taken almost a year ago still haven’t lost hope

A Lockport family hasn’t given up hope on finding their dog who was taken almost one year ago. His name is Buddy and he means the world to those he had to leave behind against his will.

“It is believed that he was picked up from the end of our driveway. Buddy’s been missing since the night of Oct. 8 2017.”

Buddy is from the Lockport/ Royalton area. He is now 7 years old and is an Australian Cattle Dog, mix. But while his family misses him terribly, his sister misses him even more. His owner posted a heartbreaking plea on the Bring Back Buddy social media page to share the sibling’s heartache.

“To the people that have Buddy. For whatever reason you took Buddy the #1 reason you should return him is for his sister. As she still waits and looks down the driveway for him. HEARTBREAKING.”

Please call- 716-432-2218 if you’ve seen Buddy.

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