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Meet Katie St. Amant: Incredible dog rescuer

Western New York resident, Katie St. Amant, has always been a dog lover. There’s just something about these amazing animals that has always held a special place in her heart.

Western New York resident, Katie St. Amant, has always been a dog lover. There’s just something about these amazing animals that has always held a special place in her heart.

“I just felt compelled to help them, she said. “I can’t do everything, but the little things help.”

But what St. Amant really means by little, is actually a lot. This awesome woman who started out fostering dogs and failed twice because she couldn’t give them up, is actually a dog rescue transporter for the amazing Diamonds in the Ruff animal rescue and East Coast Paws Transport. Between the two organizations, she’s helped rescue 137 dogs and puppies and 16 cats and kittens.

“I reached my limit of dogs to adopt in my house, so I started transporting dogs in need of rescue,” she said. “My biggest one recently was 13 and we brought puppies and dogs from South Carolina and West Virginia and I drove them to Ohio where we spent the night at a friend’s house. She runs a boarding rescue facility there and she kept them overnight and then I drove the rest of the way with 13 dogs.”

Thirteens dogs that would have died if not for the willingness of St. Amant to rescue them with the aid of Diamonds of the Ruff Animal Rescue.

“Diamonds knew I was comfortable enough doing this, so they decided to ask me if I would mind helping and I already do the transport for another organization, so of course I didn’t mind assisting them,” she said.

St. Amant said what keeps her so motivated to rescue dogs is the amount of horror stories she is faced with on a daily basis. Knowing that she’s making a difference in the lives of these animals is all the compensation she needs. Marie does not accept gas money, mileage, or any sort of transportation fee for transporting the dogs on her trips across the states. All she wants is the comfort of knowing these animals are free from harms way.

“Every transport I get a little cuddle time with the dogs and I always take pictures with every dog I transport. It fills the void of not being able to foster anymore and knowing that I’m still helping,” she said.

But does she get lonely on these long drives with the dogs? St. Amant says no way.

“People always ask me do you get bored or lonely and I don’t at all. It’s the strangest thing because as soon as I get on the road, I feel at peace. I just listen to the music and drive and I look forward to getting there and driving the dogs.”

St. Amant said one thing she would like the public to know is that rescue dogs are the most loving and caring animals because they know they are being saved. And if you are interested in transporting animals, you don’t have to travel as far as St. Amant. She chooses to drive to Ohio from her home in Attica, but any little bit helps.

“It’s a beautiful way to save animals and the smallest amount helps,” she said. “Even if you only drive just one dog and make a two hour trip, you’re helping to save a life.”

For more information on how you can help a dog or cat in need like St. Amant, visit

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