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‘Miss You’ song created by local musicians remembers our heroes and those we’ve lost

Christina DeNee' of Buffalo has been writing music since she was a little girl. Growing up with two parents and grandparents who were musicians, she says she's never known any other way to live.

Christina DeNee’ of Buffalo has been writing music since she was a little girl. Growing up with two parents and grandparents who were musicians, she says she’s never known any other way to live.

“I came from a musical family so I never really knew that people had ‘real jobs,’ I just thought everyone was a performer,” she joked.

And then a song would come into her head and she just couldn’t get it out. The only way to release it would be to write it down.

“I would hear songs and they wouldn’t leave me, so I couldn’t sleep. If I didn’t write a song, it wouldn’t leave me alone.”

And so she kept writing. But when her mother passed away when DeNee’ was only 10 years old, there was one song she knew she would need to get out more than ever before.

“Miss You” was written and performed by DeNee’ and her partner, Scott Calandra, both known for their band BREAKERBOX. The two lost their parents at a young age and they wanted to collaborate and come up with a song that reflected their loss. But what they didn’t know at the time was that their song would also have a positive impact on others.

“We met a woman whose son served in Afghanistan and committed suicide,” said DeNee’. “After the war he suffered from PTSD and had a really hard time. His mother played our song at his funeral. It was then that we realized we had something that people could really connect with.”

And so BREAKERBOX teamed up with the Wounded Warrior Project to create a video that would honor our servicemen and women. “Miss You” is an amazing and touching music video that really helps you understand the sacrifice our heroes and their families make for our county each and every day.

“We want to reach as many people as we can with this song and let them know we understand and we care,” said DeNee’.

The duo helped created the video by collaborating with L.A. based producer, Chris Baseboard, and Grammy award winning mastering engineer, Joe Palmaccio. Watching the “Miss You” video will surely give you chills and it has been recognized both locally and nationally for the pop/rock duo’s efforts to support our heroes. DeNee says for some reason she and Calandra were blessed to be able to capture that feeling and she hopes that the song will be able to help our military families who are really making the true sacrifices.

If you would like to learn more about BREAKERBOX, visit

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