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Mom heartbroken for disabled son whose trike was stolen on Elmwood today

The trike was specially made for her son as he has an amputated leg and reconstructed arms due to a near fatal pedestrian vehicle accident.

A local mom took to Facebook today to share her frustration that her disabled son’s trike was stolen when he was inside shopping at Aldis on Elmwood Avenue.

Joyce Kryszak said someone cut off the lock while her son, Bryan Nielsen, was in the store. This trike was specially made for him as Nielsen has an amputated leg and reconstructed arms due to a 2004 near fatal pedestrian vehicle accident. He also suffers from a traumatic brain injury.

“He was hit walking across the road and spent three months in a coma,” said Kryszak. “It took years for him to recover to the point where he could even ride a trike. But he’s remarkable. He, along with my brother’s help, customized the trike and outfitted it with lights, electric motors, etc. This is actually the third trike. Believe it or not, he’s been hit by cars twice while riding them. The fault was the driver’s both times. Their insurance paid a little, but my brother has covered a lot of the cost, as has Bryan.

Kryszak says this is the most expensive of all the trikes Brian has had. A friend recently bought him the extra back-up battery so he wouldn’t get stranded.

“The loss is devastating, financially, logistically (its his only transportation), and emotionally,” said Kryszak. “Bryan struggles to stay positive, as you can imagine. He was only 28 when he had the accident.”

If you have any information on the stolen trike, contact Kryszak on Facebook. Here is the police contact information A well.

Buffalo Police Report: #18-149-0525
Police District D, 669 Hertel Ave., Buffalo
Phone: 716-851-4413

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