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Police officer gets call about a mom who shoplifted, decides to buy her kid’s birthday presents

This story will get you right in the feels. A Town of Hamburg police officer was called to a store after a mother was caught shoplifting and chose to show her kindness. Here’s the story from the Town of Hamburg Police.

“Today one of our officers took a negative situation and left a lasting positive impression on some children. Officer McCabe responded to a call where a parent was accused of committing shoplifting from a store within our town. The parent had two children with her, one celebrating their 5th birthday. Amongst the stolen items were gifts for the child. Officer McCabe, able to see the big picture, went into the store and purchased a birthday gift with his own money for the young child, ensuring they would have a positive end to this police encounter and even more importantly, enjoy a birthday present.

Officer McCabe’s actions are a direct reflection of his character. He embodies the values of the Hamburg Police Department.

Stories of officers’ random acts of care and compassion happen more than many know. They deserve to be told. We are proud to call Officer McCabe one of our own.”

Officer McCabe’s wife told us that it crushed her husband to see how upset the kids were. The little girl mentioned it was her birthday and he didn’t want her birthday to be ruined or to be negatively impacted! He wanted her to have a good memory for her birthday. The officer’s wife says this didn’t surprise her at all because her husband has a huge heart!

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