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Santa and Mrs. Claus bring hundreds of presents to homeless children in Buffalo

It was a beautiful day for homeless children yesterday as Santa and Mrs. Claus stopped by the Salvation Army of Buffalo to deliver Christmas presents to those in need.

“There were so many gifts that each child got a handful and we left some for this year’s kids who have to celebrate their birthdays at the shelter, too,” said Lauralee Sibiga, founder of the Bringing Magic Back to Children mission.

For the past few months, Sibiga who is the owner of LJ Grand Livery Stables, and her partner, Jay Andrews, have been collecting gifts to give to children who are less fortunate or have been battling health issues. The effort first started in Springville where Santa would deliver gifts to children on a sleigh with horses on Christmas Day. Once people learned of this incredible deed, more and more reached out to see if Santa and Mrs. Claus would like to come visit other children, and of course, they happily said yes.

“All of the beautiful children brought such warmth to my heart at the shelter yesterday, but one in particular said she loved horses with a little twinkle in her eye. I pondered on that as we drove back home wondering if God brought us to her to plant the seed and the dream in her little head to inspire her to follow her dreams one day. Really makes you wonder how much of our overlapping lives are planned by a higher power,” said Sibiga.

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