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Story behind Christmas tree in hospital window for Mikey: ‘He hasn’t left the hospital since he was born’

Mikey doesn’t know any place but the hospital. He has a trach and is vent dependent, so his parents wanted to bring Christmas to him this year.

Yesterday we made a post about a little boy named Mikey who has been in Oishei Children’s Hospital since he was born on Aug. 3, 2017. There’s one Christmas tree in a window of the 10th floor and Mikey’s mom said that is his Merry Christmas to everyone in Buffalo. It was such a moving photo and story that we knew you’d want to learn more about this sweet boy.

Mikey was born at 1 pound, 10 ounces. He did 10 months in the NICU, 5 months in PICU, and he just recently moved to the 10th floor. He has a trach and is vent dependent. He doesn’t know any place but the hospital and his mother hasn’t left his side since.

“I have been living at the hospital almost the entire time. Dad goes to work and I decided that I needed to know all of this anyway so I dove right in. My anxiety gets crazy if I am apart from him for too long. The last time I slept home was in July,” said Kristine Barone.

So Barone says home is now wherever Mikey is. She decorated his entire room for Christmas and even put a Christmas tree in the window.

“I wanted to make it brighter for us and for him. He didn’t have a window in the NICU and just a dinky little tree. I was expecting to go home around Christmas so it would have been no big deal to postpone Christmas awhile, but when he needed his surgery again and we knew we were here longer, I got on eBay and ordered battery operated lights for his room so we could make Christmas good for him.”

She also hopes the tree makes Christmas brighter for others who might catch a glimpse of it in the window.

“This is his Christmas card to the great people of the city of Buffalo, and of course, his favorite Sabre…Carter Hutton,” she said in a post on Facebook.

Well we at Sweet Buffalo would like to make Mikey’s Christmas a little brighter, so we have set up a donation page for sweet Mikey and his family to have a merry Christmas. If you’d like to make a donation, you may do so here:

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