Thank you, Buffalo Blogging Network, for empowering local writers

In any aspect of creativity, there’s always a small sense of competition. It may not be talked about, it may not be noticed, but it’s there. Well, thanks to a few local bloggers, there’s no competition among writers here in WNY because the real goal is for all of us to help each other.

They call themselves Buffalo Bloggers and I am now proud to be one of them. Three local female bloggers loved the creativity and talent that they were seeing around the Queen City, so they decided to bring them all together in one easy to find website,

The website was originally started by the talented, Lindsay Robson of the blog, Nickel City Pretty. Check it out, it’s an awesome blog.

Lindsay Robson of Nickel City Pretty

While Robson was in the process of creating her idea, two blogging friends, Jessica Trace of Tracing Paper and Ashley Schaffert of Morning Glory, were in the midst of creating their own. When they all realized they had the same passion for empowering bloggers, they decided to join forces and thus Buffalo Blogging Network was born.

Jessica Trace of Tracing Paper
Ashley Schaffert of Morning Glory

What I love about the website is anyone who blogs in WNY and wishes to be a part of the network is invited. The website provides links to your blog as well as all of your social media channels. Sweet Buffalo has also had a few interesting opportunities that might not have come along had someone not found our website on the site. It’s all about bringing the community together and sharing the great City of Buffalo in all of its glory. From beauty blogs, to event blogs, fashion blogs, sweet blogs like mine, and more, the talent and the time these individuals put in to showcase our great city is simply amazing.

But what makes the Buffalo Blogging Network most special is the sense of belonging I feel when I interact with fellow bloggers. None of us are in competition with one another and it’s great to see everyone’s passion about writing come together in one place. The network doesn’t just bring Buffalo bloggers together via social media, it also brings everyone together with monthly events held at various locations in the WNY community that are free of charge for bloggers to attend. How awesome is that?

I would like to thank the Buffalo Blogging Network for welcoming Sweet Buffalo with open arms and I look forward to collaborating with all of you for many years to come.

Stay sweet!

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