Veteran has been bringing treats to shelter dogs at Niagara SPCA since the 90s: ‘I just love giving dogs treats’

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Sweet People

Bob Nowakowski, an Army veteran from the Town of Lockport, has given himself a very special job. Once a week, he heads over to Niagara SPCA with dog biscuits and little pieces of cheese and gives each and every shelter dog a treat because well, he likes dogs, he says. But the amazing part about all of this is Nowakowski has been doing this since the 90s!

“I say, ‘Give me foot’ and see what they know. I just love giving the dogs treats,” he said.

The Niagara SPCA has always held a special place in Nowakowski’s heart. In 2004, he adopted a black lab from the shelter named Chip who was a loving companion until he sadly passed away in 2013. Now once a week while passing out treats to the shelter dogs, Nowakowski walks by kennel 22 where he first found his dog and puts his hand on a plaque dedicated to his beloved best friend. Tim Brennan, executive director at the SPCA, often walks with Nowakowski when he gives the dogs the treats because he says it’s the most heartwarming part of his day.

“The dogs recognize him, they know him, and even three or four kennels down before he even gets to them, they are sitting in anticipation of their dog biscuit from Bob,” said Brennan.

Nowakowski has large treats for the large dogs, small and super small treats for the little dogs and cheese for the dogs that catch his eye. He believes dogs deserve the world because they help people.

“Dogs…they help man an awful lot. And probably in a lot of cases, dogs are truer friends than people friends,” he said.

We agree! Check out our sweet interview in the video with Bob below!

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