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Video of local dad pranking his family after stressful dinner is hilarious

This Town of Tonawanda dad toilet papered his entire family after dinner and their reactions are priceless.

Parents… you know how it goes.

You pick your kids up from school after a long day of work and get them ready for dinner at the table. Some of these dinners may be relaxing and others might drive you nuts when the kids are acting up.

But instead of letting a stressful evening get the best of him, one Town of Tonawanda dad decided to lighten the mood by pranking his entire family.

Justin Flynn went into his garage after dinner and made a blower contraption that toilet papered his entire family. The laughter from his son and daughter was priceless and the reaction from his wife (“who does that?”) was hilarious. At one point you couldn’t even see his son Jack’s face, because he was covered in toilet paper.

“I got the idea after seeing a video online. I went out to the garage after dinner only because all through dinner the mood was sour and stressful because the kids were acting crazy and we both just got home from work. Instead of getting angry and bitter about the situation and going back inside I tried to lighten the mood figuring that would make everybody in the house laugh. I do stuff like this only because of that reason right there it lightens the mood and makes people laugh,” Justin Flynn.

“Also if something ever God forbid happened to me – I want my kids to remember the spontaneous crazy father they had. My family definitely had a parent to kid relationship nothing more, I want my kids to think of me as their best friend as well as their parent. When I feel myself getting angry or stressed out sometimes, I try to take a step back and remember… that’s the glorious part of having your own children. You get to rewrite the parenting book; you don’t have to do things exactly how your family did. Have fun with it.”

Check out the video here:

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