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Wedding tips from hairstylist Charlene Fadel

As I have been styling weddings since 1993, I have seen hundreds of brides struggle, strive, and survive this wedding industry. The key to a successful wedding is to always remember what it is about - you and your future husband. If you always keep this in the back of your mind everything else will be a lot easier to deal with.

As I have been styling weddings since 1993, I have seen hundreds of brides struggle, strive, and survive this wedding industry. The key to a successful wedding is to always remember what it is about – you and your future husband. If you always keep this in the back of your mind everything else will be a lot easier to deal with.


So, what’s the first thing to do? 

Let’s start from the beginning. You just got engaged, what’s the first thing you do? Well, you first need to decide what time of the year you would like to get married. Spring and fall have many advantages due to the beauty of WNY and the wonderful weather. Springtime has always been a favorite. The flowers are blooming and the temperatures are very tolerable. The only downfall is it might rain. And let’s face it; it might rain any time, so always keep in the back of your mind that yes, it just might rain. Always have a stack of clear umbrellas on hand.

Church or reception ceremony?  

Do you want a church wedding or would you like to get married at a separate venue or right at the reception hall? There are advantages to both of these as well. If you decide on a church, you must find a church before you find a venue because it’s harder to get the date at the church. The time of the ceremony will decide other things for vendors as well, so know the time when calling around. Once you have a date, you can start thinking about your venue. Maybe you choose venue by theme, maybe it has a memory or maybe it’s just somewhere that you love. Choose a venue that has a wedding planner that listens to you and listens to your suggestions so that things are the way you would like them. When looking for a venue, consider if they will decorate for you or if you need to decorate yourself or hire a decorator. Ask about bathroom facilities and handicap access. Make sure you have a tasting of their menu so you know exactly what foods they will be preparing. After you decide on a venue you might want to ask for their suggestions on a photographer, DJ, hairstylist, and any other things you might decide to have at your wedding.

Venues, vendors. How do I choose? 

Ask for recommendations from your friends who have been married or read reviews from websites and look at photos to find something just to your liking. I am involved before the wedding, styling everyone’s hair in preparation for their special day and then during the wedding I attend with my boyfriend who is a DJ. Some of my favorite wedding venues include Holiday Valley, Hollimont, EBC and just about anywhere in Ellicottville. They do it right, and they are all friendly and eager to please. These venues do wonderful tastings, so you get to feel as if you are part of a wedding while you are doing the tasting. It also gives the full effect of what you’ll really be getting. I think that is very important. You can even plan your ceremony in the town gazebo or at the top of a ski hill. They will also give you recommendations for your hair stylist, DJ, and photographer.

When choosing your vendors you have to know what you’re looking for with each one. Make sure the photographer has two photographers, so one can follow the crowd and one can follow the bride, one can be with the groom, and one can be with the bride before the wedding. This way you get two sets of eyes that will always catch everything. Keep a timeframe in mind and set aside eight hours for a photographer. And don’t forget a videographer – they might not seem necessary but it’s wonderful to catch those moments in real life time and I don’t think you’ll regret it.

A fun thing that a lot of weddings do is a photobooth, capturing pictures of everybody at the wedding as they’re having fun putting them into a scrapbook and having everybody sign so you have a wonderful keepsake.  Choose a DJ or band or both. Be sure to meet with them personally so you know who you will be working with. Your DJ ends up being the planner for the evening. He will keep everything on schedule and will coordinate with the event planner and the photographer to be sure all special moments are captured.


Wedding theme 

Choose a theme. Themes are great but remember when you choose one, stick to it and don’t go overboard. Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse. Everything looks so beautiful that we want it all and can tend to get carried away. This is both overstimulating and costly.


Be sure to have a budget.  I tell my brides to make a list of everything you could possibly want. Then look at the list and decide must haves, wants and can do withouts. Then decide which you can do yourself, invitations, centerpieces etc. This will help you stay on budget. Keep a three ring binder with a section for each vendor, for questions, meetings and payment schedule. Those are the basics.

Now it’s time to choose a hairstylist and make up artist who will travel to you. Know what you are getting by checking out their Facebook page photos and reviews. Schedule a trial to determine a connection and timeframe. Ask questions, bring photos, and read how responsive they are to you. After the trial you should feel comfortable with your stylist and have a new friend to work with at your wedding.


Wedding extras 

Now that all the bases are covered, let’s talk fun extras. I’ve seen popcorn bars, gelato bars, candy bars, elaborate dessert tables, donut trees and sundae bars. Late night snacks like pizza, Mighty Taco and ethnic cuisine are my favorites. One thing I love is at cocktail hour when the photographer has a special place set up where the guests are welcome to take a photo with the bride and groom. This works as a beautiful keepsake and gives the bride and groom a chance to thank their guests for attending in lieu of going from table to table.

These are just a few of my favorite suggestions. I hope this helps when planning your special day. You can always find me on Facebook, Charlene at Teez Hairstylist and Wedding Specialist. I’m happy to answer any questions and make personal recommendations.

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