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Wheatfield man rescues puppy abandoned by owners on the side of the road

A Wheatfield man rescued a helpless pup last night after she was abandoned by her owners on the side of the road.

“So last night I go out to my car to listen to the end of the game before going to bed and while I’m out there a car pulls up behind me, opens a door, closes the door, and drives off. About a minute later I hear something outside my car and there’s an adorable puppy sniffing around. So I get out and check for tags but there’s none and no collar so I take the puppy for a walk around the neighborhood to see if anyone is looking for her but didn’t see anyone. So I brought her home and let her spend the night cuddling! She was such a sweet pup and I already miss her so much but my cousin just came and picked her up to go to the SPCA to find a nice home. What kind of person just ditches a puppy in a random area at 11 p.m. with no food water or anything! Makes me sick. Glad the puppy found me before getting hit by a car or something.”

Nate Wiseman smiles with the puppy he rescued.

We’re glad she found you, too, Nate. If you’re interested in adopting this pup call the SPCA of Niagara at 731-4368 to give her a loving home.

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