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When local couple hears their old neighbor, Noodles, was put up for adoption, they go visit her and pay the adoption fee

A local couple was upset to learn that their old neighbor, Noodles, was put up for adoption so they all went to visit and sponsored her adoption fee!

Some dogs have a way of leaving paw prints in your heart, which is exactly the case for a local couple who recently learned that their old neighbor, Noodles, was put up for adoption.

“We are all huge animal lovers and knowing that a dog we know and have taken care of is in the SPCA breaks our hearts,” said Rachel Copella Ralston. “We wanted more for her.”

Rolstan and her husband, Sean, used to live in Depew where they met Noodles who lived next door. They would often care for her as their neighbor would be out of town on the weekends and ask them to look after her.

“We would go over there and spend time with her making sure she felt love. In 2016, we sold our house and moved to Orchard Park. The couple that bought our house had mutual friends of ours, so it wasn’t a normal seller/buyer relationship, we kept in touch. The couple reached out to let me know that the owner took Noodles to the SPCA on Wednesday and that’s when we all got involved,” she said.

Both couples sponsored Noodles adoption fee in the hopes that she will be adopted soon.

“We are confident that she will get her happy ending but we are hoping that it will be sooner than later,” she said.

If you’re interested in adopting sweet Noodles, call the Erie County SPCA at 716-875-7360.

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