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Why you should go visit Third Street in the Falls right now

A few weeks ago Sweet Buffalo was invited to spend an evening on Third Street in Niagara Falls and boy, were we impressed.

A few weeks ago Sweet Buffalo was invited to spend an evening on Third Street in Niagara Falls and boy, were we impressed.

Here’s why.

Niagara Falls is on the midst of a resurgence. A group of people involved in the Live NF movement are so passionate about this great city that they want to share it with the world by proving to everyone that the city isn’t just the Falls; it’s also the businesses, the attractions, and the people nearby.

Our Third Street tour 

FIRST STOP: Power City Eatery 

Power City Eatery on Third Street is a new business that serves amazing sandwiches, delicious wine, and shandy. The eatery was actually a former parole office and the owner saved it and turned it into a beautiful sandwich shop. We can definitely see ourselves eating here more often.


What is Art Alley? We had no idea. Right across the street from Power City Eatery was an alley filled with amazing artwork on its walls. And right in front of the alley was a random rainbow piano just waiting to be played. It was so much fun taking pictures in front of the murals and really getting a sense of the vibe. From a boxing cat man to a beautiful “Greetings from Niagara Falls” mural, there were so many fun photo opportunities. But don’t let us tell you, go see for yourself.

Check out the Live NF movement and see all they are doing to make Niagara Falls a happening place. Visit to get involved.


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