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Woman saves pig on Thanksgiving day

A former Buffalonian made it her mission to save a baby pig on Thanksgiving day.

Peter Piper the pig is one lucky animal.

He was found by animal rescuer and former Buffalonian, Maureen Cattieu, as he was choking on a plastic bag in Colombia. She begged his owners to let her take him so he wouldn’t be killed.

“His mom was alive and she just had received a horrible slash to the face with a machete for eating the neighbor’s garden. Peter came along first and was choking on a plastic bag and then he ran off terrified and I ran after him,” said Cattieu.

The owners agreed to give Peter Piper to Cattieu and she hid him in her apartment until she could find him a permanent residence. The two grew very close and as sad as she was to see him go, she knew she needed to find him a home fast.

On Thanksgiving day, they embarked on a 22-hour drive to a vegan animal sanctuary in Chia-cundinamarca.

“I have had such guilt leaving him but he is so happy and it is a good place, but I want him with me,” said Cattieu.

Thanks to generous donations to help Piper Pig, Cattieu was able to build a home for him where he can live for the next 20 years and grow to be 200 pounds.

It’s safe to say, this is one lucky pig.

For more information on Maureen Cattieu’s rescue efforts, visit

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