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You can live at this 37-acre lap of luxury overlooking Kissing Bridge

Picture this.

Every morning you wake up in a beautiful home with a breathtaking view of the hills while breathing in the fresh scent of pine needles and nature.

That’s the life Peter Schmitt has been living at his humble abode at 8455 Abott Hill Road in Concord. A place where he says he never wants to leave. But the time has come for him to sell his amazing lap of luxury and start a new adventure – and now you can be the proud owner.

The stunning home, nestled in the wilderness, is located at the top of the hill overlooking Kissing Bridge. Schmitt said his favorite part about the location is skiing in the winter.

“I’d jump in the car with my ski boots on, dressed and ready to go. There’s a parking lot at the top of the slope, about a half-mile from my house and I’d drive there, get out of the car, put my skis on and ski right down and get my ticket. No walking through parking lots or anything – it was great,” he said.

And when he’d get hungry for lunch, he’d just zip right back to his house which was practically around the corner.

The Bavarian style home was built by a German in 1971. The home is fully planted with every kind of spruce imaginable all around the house to give guests that warm and cozy feel of the outdoors. And being at the top of Kissing Bridge, Schmitt was able to enjoy every single season.

“The four seasons there are absolutely amazing,” he said. “You’re at the top of the hill and you can see 30 miles to Canada and 20 miles around the other beautiful hills.”

But an even more spectacular feature about the home is it sits on 37 acres of property, 11 of it being a separate parcel that includes four fields and a bridge that stands over a ravine. Not to mention a pond for fishing.

“The wildlife is phenomenal and the birdwatching is unbelievable,” added Schmitt.

The property has five miles of well groomed trails that guests can walk or enjoy rides on ATVs. There’s even a secret trail you can take all the way to Springville on an ATV.

When he’s not enjoying the great outdoors, Schmitt had fun in the recreation room/bar downstairs and relaxed by the two fireplaces inside the home.

And of course, the hot tub.

He loved having company at his home, which offers parking for 100 guests, but the most memorable part of living atop the hill was the unbelievable sunsets.

“There’s nothing like it.”

If you would like to learn more about this amazing home, contact John Gatas at 716-444-7172 or visit


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