12-year-old abandoned senior dog who might have cancer in need of a Hospice home

Local rescuers have made a plea on social media for Griffin, a 12-year-old mastiff who has had an incredibly rough life. The poor guy came into the Buffalo Animal Shelter emacitated and he may have cancer.

Griffin is having a terrible time in the shelter and could use a loving Hospice home until it’s his time to go. He is extremely loveable and good with the other dogs he’s met so fast – shelter life just isn’t the place for this old dog who doesn’t need to be stresssed.

“This sweet old man shouldn’t have to spend another night in an uncomfortable cold kennel with tons of dogs barking around him. He deserves all the love and peace he can get,” said Ali Gaston ina Facebook post.

If you would like to give Griffin a place to rest his head, message Ali Gaston on Facebook or call the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter at 716-851-5694.


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