After dog dies suddenly at 1-year-old, Cheektowaga family hopes to find his siblings

A Cheektowaga family was devastated when their beloved dog, Chaos, suddenly fell ill and died at only 1-year-old. But the story only gets sadder.

Chaos was adopted from the Erie County SPCA as a friend to the family’s other dog and a companion to their little boy. This is the third dog the boy has had to say goodbye to and his mother was devastated for him. She brought him to Losson Park this week to leave a special gift for someone else to find in honor of Chaos. The goodbye care box included a tennis ball and some dog treats that shared Chaos’s story.

“We did goodbye care boxes so Chaos can play with other pups and it was a way for my son to have some closure because he didn’t get to say goodbye to his best friend like he did the last two,” said Stephanie Marciszewski-Harry, mom.

Chaos passed away from sudden grand mal seizures and the veterinarian determined them to be congential. Her owner now feels terrible for the two people who adopted Chaos’s siblings the same day. One was a vet with very strong PTSD and the other man was going to train his dog to be a service dog.

“They are Siberian husky poodle mixes. There were three boys and two girls that I know of. They would have been adopted the first part of November. I saw them all on Nov. 8, 2016 bringing home their dogs (as did we). Please share and spread the word. I would hate for them to go through this if it could be avoided. Maybe they could get the chance to do the MRI and help their dog before this happens.”

If you adopted Chaos’s sibling, you may reach out to Stephanie on Facebook or email

Here is a video of the pups who may be yours:!AjTrQe2WnfBXnMtZAkkUyFwXNtCnZg

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