Amazing update! Veteran going home thanks to fellow veteran and incredible family who cared

Yesterday we posted a story about how a local family was seeking a volunteer to help a veteran who has been staying with them get back home to California. Russell was once homeless and he and his dog, Bear, were taken in by the Dominick family who truly cared for him. Now that’s it’s getting colder out, it’s time for Russell to go back to California where he’s originally from.

“Within an hour of my first post yesterday, we had a driver willing to use her own car and give a week of her life to someone in need,” said Lydia Dominick. “Our new family member, Steph Smith of Allentown, is taking them home. She is an Army veteran just like Russell. Her heart is incredible. She drives an SUV, so there’s plenty of room for his backpack and for Bear. She told us she doesn’t want any money – all of the extra money raised she wants Russell to have. We prayed them off today, Russell is so happy; not only will he make it home for Thanksgiving, but now he’s going to make it for his mom’s birthday. This is what the holidays are about. There is so much good in this world. God is so good. Thank you all for your hand in getting a once homeless man, home.”

Smith said she is incredibly honored to be able to take Russell home. A total of $1,355 was raised for Russell in just one day to help get him home.

WNY, you are amazing.

Don’t mind Tink she’s exhausted from napping all day. THANK YOU GUYS YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. “Humanity still exists- love for one another.” Steph Smith

Posted by Lydia Dominick on Thursday, November 16, 2017


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