Good Samaritans pass out 100 envelopes with $10 bill inside to encourage others to do something ‘awesome’

Trustees of Awesome Buffalo, a local chapter that is focused on making Buffalo a little more awesome by helping community-minded initiatives take flight with $1,000 on-the-spot cash grants, got even more creative yesterday.

The group placed $10 in 100 sealed envelopes and passed them out to strangers in Buffalo to encourage them to do something awesome themselves. The kind act was part of #BeAwesomeDay, a global movement started in Liverpool in the U.K.

Suggestions of what to do with the $10 included:

  • Buy some dog treats and make some friends in Buffalo.
  • Hide it in your favorite book at the library.
  • Give it to the next grumpy person you see.
  • Pick up stamps and send out some joy-filled letters.
  • Buy a bouquet of flowers and randomly give them away.

“Here in Buffalo, we loved the idea of branching out from our traditional $1000 grant to challenge individuals in our community to do something awesome with a little bit of cash,” said Jessica Trace, Awesome Buffalo trustee. “This act encourages people to think about how they can pay it forward and consider others. You never know what small act of kindness will turn someone’s day around.”

The initiative was well received. See what recipients had to say about this awesome act of kindness.

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