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A home For Polly: Will you open your heart?

Have you ever met a dog before that you just simply can’t understand why no one would want to adopt them? Well, Polly is that dog.

Have you ever met a dog before that you just simply can’t understand why no one would want to adopt them? Well, Polly is that dog.

“She is really a terrific dog,” said Pat McMahon, volunteer. “So well behaved and so loving.”

Walking into the kennels at the SPCA of Niagara can sometimes be a bit intimidating. The dogs are all so excited to see everyone that comes through and they show this enthusiasm with barks and jumps. However, Polly is calm and collected as can be.

“She just wants some love and attention and she appreciates any that she gets,” said McMahon. “She can sense that we all love her and that we care, but she really longs for a home where she can be a permanent part of someone’s family. That’s for sure.”

The sweetest dog in the world, Polly is not only loved by McMahon, she is loved by all volunteers. Just mention her name, in fact, and watch how many members of the SPCA come up to talk highly of her sweet and lovable ways. Polly’s favorite thing to do is actually hold hands. Anyone she meets, she places her paw into their hands to offer her friendship. It’s truly a sight to see.

“I mean you stop petting her and she gives you her paw immediately to hold hands,” said McMahon. “She also loves to take breaks on her walks for cuddles and hugs. Just an extremely sweet and kind dog.”

Polly has very soft fur and a beautiful cow-like color to her coat. She’s like a big teddy bear that would make a great addition to any family’s home. She’s also very smart and knows basic commands like sit and paw. She enjoys treats and lots of kisses and hugs.

The adoption fee for Polly is $67.50 and includes spay, michrochip, up-to-date shots, and one free vet visit. She would do best in a home with adults and teens over the age of 13 and she must be the only dog in the home.

To learn more about adopting sweet Polly, please call the SPCA of Niagara at 731-4368. And if you would like to see Polly outside of her kennel, a volunteer would be happy to take you on a walk with her.

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