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After being stolen and held hostage, ‘Quincy Jones’ reunited with owner thanks to rescue group and Buffalo PD

Puppy thieving is a real thing, but thanks to Sherlock Bones Lost 'N Hound Dog Recovery and the Buffalo Police Department, one local pup who was being held hostage at a price of $7,000 was reunited with his owner yesterday.

A Buffalo man was the happiest man in the world yesterday after being reunited with his best friend, a dog named Quincy Jones.

Alexander Thomas was devastated to learn that while out of town, his friend’s house he was living at went on fire. The friend found another place for Quincy Jones to stay at a home on Kilhoffer Street in Buffalo.

But then Quincy Jones went missing and was eventually found to be stolen by a man who was keeping him hostage. The man FaceTimed Thomas and told him that he wanted $7,000 for the dog and said that is what he paid for him and just wanted his money back. Thomas held his composure to make sure his dog was safe. Then Sherlock Bones, Lost n’ Hound Dog Recovery, a local group of animal lovers who reunite owners with their pets, came to the rescue.

“I just want to give the biggest shoutout to Beth Henderson and Robin Bell. They came through tonight. God I couldn’t be happier with their services. My man Quincy Jones is back. Also to everyone that messaged me and sent out prayers. Thanks so so much,” said Thomas in a Facebook post.

The group worked with the Buffalo Police on finding the thief and to no surprise, the thief was well known to them. Within 15 minutes of leaving the police station, they received a call from a detective who informed them they had Quincy safe and sound. He had lost a little weight, but was happy to see his owner.

Alex, Beth and Robin left the station at 4 a.m. and stopped to get Quincy food and water and other supplies as he had lost most in the fire. And Alex was able to find lodging with a friend for them.

Puppy thieving in Buffalo is real, but that doesn’t mean these do-gooders are going to allow it to happen!

A GoFundMe page has been created to help Quincy and his owner get back on their feet after the fire. To make  a donation, visit

For more information on Sherlock Bones, visit

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