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Applebee’s employee makes little girl’s day

A local mom was touched by the kindness of an Appleebee’s employee today.

Mindy Davey took her daughter Arianna to Applebee’s on Transit Road in Williamsville today to celebrate her graduation. Arianna is a special needs child, so Davey explained that sometimes going out to to eat can be a challenge. After they ordered our drinks, Arianna got upset over something and the waitress, Dawn, caught on to it. She came over and asked Arianna if she wanted to help type the food order into the computer and her mom was able to catch this special moment between the two of them. She said the interaction between them melted her heart.

“Sometimes it’s hard going out and feeling like we fit in because when meltdowns take place, people always look at us like we have an undisciplined child, but no one understands that sometimes she can’t process things like everyone else. Experiencing things like this just made us feel accepted and really brought tears to my eyes!”

Dawn Sawyer, the server who spent time with sweet Arianna, had this to say when asked about her act of kindness. Sawyer said she did not know she was being recorded and just wanted to do something nice.

“Whenever I am serving I always focus on the children. I noticed that the little girl was crying, so I didn’t know what was going on and I did not know that she was a special needs child at all. I asked her to please help me and come to the computer and ring in her family’s order and she did. I just like to make everyone’s experience extra special when they go out to eat and make it be a memorable experience for the children.”

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