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Local mom issues warning to parents: ‘It is something that we don’t want another family to ever have to endure’

A Lockport couple has made a statement on Facebook, warning parents of a potentially unthought of danger. Their story below.

“Robert and I felt it was time to finally open up and share what happened to Axel.

Our son, Axel Grey, was born July 25, 2018. Axel was dropped by a nurse in the delivery room causing him to sustain catastrophic, life altering injuries…

The trauma that Axel and my family went through still haunts me.

Throughout my pregnancy, I remember picturing what life would be like with Axel finally being born. I pictured Axel meeting his family in a regular hospital room filled with overflowing love. I never pictured myself and my newborn son being transferred by ambulance only a few hours after he was born. I never pictured a room in the NICU. I never pictured our new baby boy hooked up to all sorts of monitors. I never pictured myself going home with Bob for the first time without bringing our son with us.

Almost a year has gone by, but it still feels like those precious, sacred moments were ripped away from Bob and I.

I will say this… PTSD is real, it’s raw, and it can be flat out ugly at times.

We are sharing what happened as we want to make other parents aware that they can request that their son or daughter be transferred by basinet and not by hand after birth.

It is something that we don’t want another family to ever have to endure.”

Submitted by Carissa King of Lockport 

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