Buffalo mom with seven kids expecting triplets and she’s elated: ‘I always wanted a big family’

A South Buffalo mom received quite the surprise when she found out she was expecting triplets, but the bigger surprise to those that don’t know her is she already has seven kids!

“I come from a big family of nine and my mother passed away when I was 13, so being a caretaker is something I’m used to and pretty much all I know,” said Brighid Rosputni.

The Rosputni family lives off of love and chaos. Their youngest, Maccus, is 2; twins, Rory and Ronan, are 6; Afton is 9; Eamon is 11; Owen is 12; and Ava is 13. According to mom, there’s really no method to the madness of being a mom of seven and soon to be 10; she and her husband, Tom, a Buffalo firefighter, just take it day by day.

“We high five each other in and out of the house,”said Brighid. “It’s hard sometimes. We don’t get a lot of time for ourselves, but it’s worth the sacrifice.”

Two of her children, Ronan and Rory, are twins who were actually born in two different years. Ronan was born first on Dec. 31, 2011 and Rory was born on Jan. 1, 2012. Having twin boys, mom knew she was capable of having another set of twins but she had no idea she would have triplets.

“I knew I felt so different this time around, I wondered what was going on.”

Now the family of 9 (plus their new dog, Milo) will be a family of 12, but don’t go comparing them  to the Brady Bunch. The Rosputni family says they are far from that.

”They are too scripted, too perfect. This is crazier than the Brady Bunch,” she laughed.

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