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Buffalo Singing Cop helps stop friend’s business from being looted, shares powerful message

Buffalo Singing Cop Moe Badger posted a powerful story on Facebook this morning. A close friend of his called him over the weekend to share that his store was being looted. As a citizen and not a cop, Badger didn’t hesitate to help.

“I’m lost for words right now…..
I am outraged hurt and confused too, but this man standing next to me, Jason Bellamy, is my friend/brother for 30 years and I received a call from him while sitting at home at 12:30 a.m. Saturday night telling me they are looting in his store. I jumped up and got dressed (with not a stitch of BPD clothing) and stood outside to try to stop further damage from occurring. I didn’t go as a police officer. I went as a black man supporting a black businessman. I saw car load, after car load, after car load pull up (also the U-Haul truck that was reported) planning to steal as I pleaded for them to not vandalize this place anymore. I have to be honest the people I pleaded with did listen and go elsewhere (thank you). I’ve seen this man work so hard to start his business and give literally thousands back to our community. I even remember in the planning process, we were talking because at that time there weren’t any liquor stores in our community where people could actually shop and pick out their own items in the aisles. I remember saying ‘nobody is doing this, why would you?’ and I remember him saying ‘our community deserves to shop just like suburban shoppers.’  I know we all want answers, but destroying our own community is 100% not the answer!!!!!”

You can support International Liquor & Wines by giving their Facebook page a like:

You can also patronize the business at 2580 Main Street, Buffalo.

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