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Dad in desperate need of a kidney donor: ‘You can’t find a more devoted, kind daddy’

"He's adopted two of the children he's raising. We're also raising my niece because she needed a family. Men like that are rare."

When Miguel Dominguez’s wife speaks of her husband, she has nothing but warm and fuzzy things to say.

“I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like him,” said Melody Dominguez. 

Melody describes her husband as having an amazing heart…someone who always put his family and others first.

“My husband works with developmentally disabled people. He’s adopted two of the children he’s raising. We’re also raising my niece because she needed a family.”

Needless to say, Miguel’s family needs him, too. That’s why they were so heartbroken to learn that Miguel had gone into renal failure and is in desperate need of a kidney donor.

“He’s on dialysis and we’re hoping we can find a living donor so he can have the chance to watch our little boy grow up,” said Melody.

“He’s not a giver upper, and has worked so hard to finally become a U.S. citizen. He coached his girls’ soccer teams when they were little and attends their chorus concerts and my niece’s soccer games now. He was a blood donor for years before his health prevented it. He even gave blood in Honduras. One of our children is special needs and you can’t find a more devoted, kind daddy.”
If you’re willing to become a donor, call ECMC transplant in Buffalo N.Y. at 716-898-5001. Give your name and his name, Miguel Dominguez. They’ll walk you through the entire process. Any blood type has the possibility to help with paired donation, but he could match with A+ A- O+ O-.
If you cannot give, please share Miguel’s story in the hopes that he will find a donor.
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