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Woman secretly surprises deserving healthcare workers with ‘kindness bombs’ to say thank you for all they’ve done

“This started out as a way to cope for me and now it’s become a way of life."

A local woman who wishes to remain anonymous has been secretly gifting hospital employees with presents to thank them for all they’ve done to save lives during the pandemic. This woman, who also works in healthcare, knew firsthand what a toll work was taking on all employees of the hospital and decided to do something special to make a difference.

“Work was stressful. COVID was stressful. I personally was going to lose my mind and the only way I’ve ever been able to get out of my own head is to help other people,” she said.

It started out with random gifts. She would stand in line at Tim Hortons or Anderson’s Frozen Custard and grab gift cards for employees to enjoy coffee or ice cream on her. Then she would buy notecards to write an employee a note to tell them how appreciative she was of them.

“I am a little bit compulsive. I would get matching notecards from Amazon and say something nice like ‘you’ve been chocolate bombed’ or ‘you’ve been burger bombed.’ These were all people I didn’t know. I would just go through the work directory and pick people. The fun part about it was a lot of the people I picked happened to be mutual friends with my Facebook friends, so sometimes I would see a photo of the surprise and the person would say ‘you have no idea what day I was having! You changed my entire day.’”

But the kindness bombs didn’t end when the pandemic slowed down. This woman was so inspired by the impact she was having on others that she continues to send kindness bombs out into the world to this day.

“This started out as a way to cope for me and now it’s become a way of life,” she said. “It’s really easy to get wrapped up in your own life and we are human…it happens to all of us, but it’s a slippery slope if you keep going there. The important thing is you have to get out of that place and that’s been it for me; giving back and helping others.”

This special woman hopes she will inspire others to spread the love with kindness bombs, too.

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