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Dancing her way to the top: Meet Zumba instructor Marisa Stani

Since she was a little girl, it's always been a dream for Lancaster resident Marisa Stani to live her life through dance. Little did she know, one day her dreams would come true.

Since she was a little girl, it’s always been a dream for Lancaster resident Marisa Stani to live her life through dance. Little did she know, one day her dreams would come true.

“My passion for fitness and dance has changed my life and it is even more rewarding to hear how I have changed others lives through my passion,” said Stani.

Stani is approaching her seventh year as a Zumba instructor in Western New York. She was ecstatic to receive the news that she was recently selected as a Zumba Jammer candidate for Merenguel. This would mean that if she succeeds, Stani would be able to teach her own unique Zumba choreography to other Zumba instructors during jam sessions.

“My goals and dream to work for a company that can offer positive energy, smiles, fun and excitement all in one has come true and I am so looking forward to taking the next step in my journey to being the best I can be at what I love to do while making a difference to the people who attend Zumba classes,” said Stani.

She will also be flying with her mother, Cindy Stani, to a Zumba conference in Orlando this weekend to become licensed to teach “Strong by Zumba”, a high intensity interval training class that will bring a unique option for their current Zumba followers at World Gym in Cheektowaga.

But what else makes Marisa Stani stand out from the rest? Is it her bubbly and warm personality? Or maybe it’s the fact that she and her mom have both raised more than $125,000 throughout the years with their Zumbathons for various non-profits such as Make-A-Wish WNY.

“We get to see see the kids wishes that we grant and there’s a new kid every year and the stories are so special.” said Stani. “We always make friends with the families and it’s really exciting to see where all your hard work went.”

And when she’s not out raising funds for those in need, Stani is helping brides and grooms make their wedding a little less “boring”. Stani offers dance lessons for couples to make their first dance unique and fun. She takes their wedding song, turns it into a mix, teaches them fun choreography, and then sets them up with a practice video for their big day.

“It doesn’t have to be just the bride and groom either, it can be the whole wedding party,” she said. “I’ve even choreographed ‘Thriller’ for an October wedding before!”

To follow Marisa’s path to the Zumba Hall of Fame visit her Facebook page @ZumbawithCindyandMarisa You can also follow her on Instagram @marisastani or call 602-3977 to book dance choreography.

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