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Depew author Laurèn Lee releases fiction novella based in Buffalo

Depew author Laurèn Lee recently released her very first book "Charlotte's Pact." The book is based in Buffalo, so we knew we had to learn more about it!

Depew author Laurèn Lee recently released her very first book “Charlotte’s Pact.” The book is based in Buffalo, so we knew we had to learn more about it! Here’s our exclusive interview with Lauren. 

First, why did you want to write a book? 

I’ve loved reading and writing ever since I was a little kid. I used to walk to the library and take out the max amount of books (7) and devour them as soon as I could. Growing up, I’d fill notebooks of short stories, poems, and ideas for novels. I always wanted to make make a career out of writing someday, and last spring I decided to stop making excuses, forget about the fear of failing and finally write a book of my own.

What was your inspiration? 

My inspiration comes from many different outlets, mainly the supernatural books, movies and TV shows I’ve watched over the years specifically Supernatural the TV show, Croak the book, Vampire Diaries the TV show and more.

What is “Charlotte’s Pact” about?

My book is about an aspiring journalist, Charlotte Harper, who meets her soul mate in college. One night, Charlotte and her fiance, Liam, are in a terrible car crash. It soon comes to light, Charlotte needs to make a deal with a demon to save hers and Liam’s lives. Once she makes the pact, though, nothing is ever the same again.

What do you hope readers get out of reading your book?

I hope readers get a chance to see a different side of Buffalo they may have never known before. I hope readers from Western New York can enjoy the story and delight in the fact I included many well-known bars, restaurants and landmarks within the chapters. I want people to love and appreciate the Queen City as much as I do.

How does it feel to release your first book?

I am still pinching myself when I realize I finally did it, I followed my dreams and published a book. Part of me thought it would never happen. It feels surreal, but it’s also a relief because the hardest part is over, for now.

What would you like people to know about you as an author?

As an author, it’s weird I can actually call myself one now, I want people to realize they can find pure happiness in life if they follow their dreams and push all fear to the side. I’m still terrified I will “fail”, but at the end of the day, I followed my passion, stuck with it, and saw it through to the end. If you love something enough, you HAVE to pursue it. Otherwise, what’s the point?

For more information about Laurèn Lee  or to purchase “Charlotte’s Pact,” visit The paperback on Amazon is $14.99 and you can receive free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime. The Kindle edition is $3.99. Laurèn Lee  is also selling signed copies for $10 with free shipping. 

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