Dog starved on purpose in need of a home

We don’t know why bad things happen to our sweet animals sometimes, but sadly they do.

Meet Hawk. He was recently rescued by our friends at Magic’s Mission Beagle and Hound Rescue after living his life in a small, dirty pen. They say his owner starved him on purpose. He had lots of food, just never gave any to poor Hawk.

“He’s from South Carolina. He and four other dogs were seized in a cruelty case. The vet found that there were no medical reasons for his starvation and that of two of the other dogs and therefore it was deliberate,” said Lauren Amy, founder of Magic’s Mission.

Hawk likes other dogs a lot and he really doesn’t mind cats. He never lived in a house, so he needs to learn the rules. Poor Hawk never had a bed, or a pillow or a blanket. He doesn’t know what toys are.

Hawk needs someone to help him learn. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Hawk, email or apply below.


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