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Dry Networking Event happening to unify the community for causes that matter

On May 19 at the Tewksbury Lodge in Buffalo, the community is coming together to bring awareness to mental wellness.

The dry networking event runs from 6 to 9 p.m. It offers a range of activities, including a photographer and videographer, food and mocktails, a DJ, a flower bar, and a photo booth.

Tickets are limited (we’re told they are almost sold out) and must be reserved in advance. Part of the proceeds will benefit The Restoration Society as they continue their mission to provide person-centered recovery programs throughout the city of Buffalo. 

The event is designed to foster genuine connections without resorting to alcohol, while showcasing the power of individuals coming together in support of causes they care about.  

One in 5 American adults live with a mental health concern according to The National Institute on Health.

Jennifer Rae, of The Amorae Company, Leanne Jamison, of Essentially Zenful, and the Restoration Society have joined hands with several other organizations that will be available to event-goers. 

Jennifer Rae believes that by raising both funds and awareness, people will have the opportunity to support mental health and addiction recovery efforts at a local level. She also hopes that it can help pave the way to end stigmas and facilitate collective healing within the community. 

“The goal is to empower all individuals who are affected by these issues — regardless if they are personally struggling or know someone who is. I believe the first step to achieving that goal is to come together and just start having the conversations,” Rae said.  

David Merlo, Managing Director, Restoration Society, echoes that sentiment, saying their organization views community engagement as therapeutic.

“The aim of our organization is to create an environment rich in opportunities, resources, and supportive people, thereby offering hope and empowerment to the people we serve” says Merlo. 

“It is my hope that the event will ultimately provide a platform for people to connect with like minded individuals, highlight important issues, and spread love in the community,” said Rae.

To learn more about the event and access a list of sponsors and organizations attending, visit:

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