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For local boy who was bullied, heroes don’t wear capes…they wear nail polish

"I hope if anything our Finnick's story can help one other child know that it's OK to be different because you have a whole bunch of people standing behind you."

This story is probably one of our favorites in a really long time. It has a sad beginning but what happens after is something truly special.

On Wednesday, March, 23, first grader Finnick Muldowney went to school in a really good mood. He had his nails painted blue just like his favorite football team the Buffalo Bills! Sadly a few classmates didn’t like his painted nails and chose to pick on him. Finnick was heartbroken. 

Finnick’s school Ohio Elementary in North Tonawanda did an amazing job of making Finnick feel safe and cared for and they counseled the other students and classes and explained being unique and the differences of people.

As soon as Finnick’s dad Cory Muldowney heard the news, he talked to Finnick’s brothers aged 16 and 10 about what happened.
“We had Finnick color our nails so we could go to work and school with it to show we backed Finnick! He loved it! We thought it was over after that, but this is where the amazing part comes in,” said Cory.
Sawyer, Finnick’s 10-year-old brother, explained to his class at North Tonawanda Intermediate why he was wearing the nail polish. He was proud of his brother!
That next night Finnick’s parents received a text from a friend that her son Zack who is in Sawyer’s class wanted to paint his nails to show he was there for Finnick!
Finnick’s brother Sawyer showed up to school the next day to find that most of his class, 13 kids, had all painted their nails to show that they were there for Finnick as well!
“These amazing children went home, explained to their parents what happened, and asked their parents if they could paint their nails, and they all said yes! Thirteen kids (boys and girls) all with painted nails like their classmate to show solidarity for Sawyer’s brother! As a parent in this city and community, I could not be more proud and thankful for these amazing children, parents and teachers.
These kids deserve recognition beyond what I can give. But I want you to know…THANK YOU!”
Finnick’s mom Chelsie Muldowney echoed her husband’s sentiments.

“We cannot thank these kids and their families enough. Together they have all come together and not only supported my Finnick but every other kid who has been made fun of for wanting to be different. I hope if anything our Finnick’s story can help one other child know that it’s OK to be different because you have a whole bunch of people standing behind you,” said Chelsie. “My son’s heroes don’t wear capes…they wear nail polish.”

The North Tonawanda Youth Center  has named this Friday, March 28 “Finny Friday.” They will be offering free nail painting for all kids who want them done. Kindergarten through sixth grade nail painting is from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. and seventh through twelfth grade is 6:3o to 8:30 p.m.
We are also excited to share that we will be throwing Sawyer’s class a pizza party on Friday with the help of our friends at Just Pizza in Amherst to thank them for being kind and standing by Finnick!
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