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Get ‘Charvelous’ with Charlene Fadel: Buffalo’s most fabulous hairstylist

What do you look for in a hairstylist? For me, it’s simple.

What do you look for in a hairstylist?

For me, it’s simple.

A perfect hairstylist is someone who makes you feel good about yourself. Who’s there to listen to your gossip, life changes, and more. Who’s able to get a sense of who you are while understanding your need for change.

She’s there to brighten up your day and make you see yourself in a new light. She’s a friend, a confidant, and a hair miracle worker.

That’s what Charlene Fadel, hairstylist at Teez Hair Salon in Buffalo, is for me and then some.

Fadel started her career as a hairstylist when she was only 18-years-old. For her, it was something she always wanted to do.

“The highlight is when people smile when they walk out the door,” said Fadel. “I just love everything about it and I’m pretty lucky.”

From fabulous haircuts, coloring, styling, wedding updos, and more – there’s nothing Fadel can’t do. She was even the go-to woman for hairstyling for the Buffalo Jills.

“With the Jills, I would be behind the scenes on the day of the game. In the morning I would get there bright and early, get them all ready, curl their hair, touch up their makeup, do eyelashes, get them all ready to go out on the field,” she said. “I’d get all their hair done and then they would practice and mess it up and I would redo it for them.”

She also attended all photoshoots for the Buffalo Jills that would take place at elaborate vacation spots like Jamaica and the Bahamas.

“We would go on location and we would shoot the calendar,” said Fadel. “It was really cool to be behind the scenes with all of their special events. I was always there.”

But her favorite part about being a hairstylist for so many years is the friendships she has been able to form.

“Everybody who sits in my chair, the whole story comes out,” she said. “It doesn’t matter who you are, as soon as you sit in my chair you tell me everything you wouldn’t tell anyone else and I’ve met a lot of characters with wonderful stories to tell.”

One of the things I love most about having Fadel as my hairstylist is she’s always easily accessible. I never have to call the salon and speak to an assistant to book an appointment with her. I just shoot her a text and she checks her calendar for when she’s available and puts me right in.

“They can shoot me a text whenever they want and they can call me and message me on Facebook,” said Fadel. “They can see all my work on Facebook because I’m very visible on social media. They see what I’m doing, see something new, and they aren’t afraid to ask me for anything.”

Social media is also the place where Fadel posts her amazing bridal updo photos. While she does have her own chair at Teez Hair Salon, Fadel likes to make it more convenient for brides who book with her. She comes right to your house the day of the wedding to do everyone’s hair. That way the bride can feel comfortable and relaxed on her big day without having to worry about traveling to a salon.

Fadel also sets up trial runs before the big day to make sure the bride truly loves her hair the day of the wedding.

“I usually meet brides ahead of time and get them comfortable with me and my style,” she said. “You want them to feel so good on their wedding day and it’s been such a wonderful thing. Everything we practiced is better and everything comes together so nicely.”

So what’s in store for the future for Fadel?

“I just want to keep going for as long as I can” she said. “I have new photoshoot ideas I’m working on with a photographer right now and I’m really excited for a new up and coming adventure with my hair business. I just want to keep going and stay healthy because I constantly learn and grow.”

To book an appointment with Charlene Fadel, call 716-998-0031. You can also visit her on Facebook at

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