Good Samaritan finds deceased cat in middle of road, returns collar and leaves note for owner

A local woman would like to share her gratitude with an anonymous person who let her know her beloved cat had passed away.

“Our family cat, Kyle, got out last night and was struck by a car on George Urban in Cheektowaga. I would like to find out who wrote the note and returned his collar to my house so I can thank them for writing the note an giving us his collar and also moving him out of the road. If anyone can share this to find out who wrote this I would really, really apprectiate it,” said Katelyn Moore in a post to the Lost and found pets of WNY Facebook group.

The note to Katelyn read:

“I was driving down George Urban and found your cat in the middle of the road. I moved him to the side of the road on the corner. I am so sorry for your loss. I wish I could have brought him to you.” 😢

Please share so Katelyn can find the Good Samaritan and say thank you.

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